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So like any anime fan out there, I’d like to have some extra spending money for obscure fan merchandise and video games. And being the awkward hermit I am, opening commissions seemed like the only logical course of action.

0takuman’s Do’s and Don’ts

I’m not particularly picky about what people want me to draw. Just know that…

  • I can draw Mecha, It’s not my forte, but that’s an option.
  • My comfort zone for furry art ends at anime girls with Animal parts… Though this only applies for OCs… 
  • Fan art is okay, But you’re paying a dude willing to draw you almost anything, request something Personal yo!
  • I’m okay drawing fan service, but my blood pressure can only go so high… So NO PORN please.
  • Primarily draw in Manga/Anime style, the samples you see here is more or less what you’ll get.

So you decided you want to harness my artistic talents to do your bidding…

Commission Prices are as shown and spots are unlimited. Please contact me via if you’re interested. Be sure to have the subject for the message as “Commission” and to have some reference and information on what you want me to draw. Paypal ONLY…



I made a ROMHack for Fire Red.

This ROMHack is based on roguelike fire red by JPAN .

Thank you so much to JPAN, I never would have figured out permadeath on my own.

This is regular Fire Red but with a few twists: fainted pokemon are gone forever and pokeballs aren’t sold in shops, they can only be picked up on the map. Also save has been replaced with a “save and quit” and your save is erased whenever it’s loaded. So you can only save between play sessions; no soft resetting. Lastly whiting out = GAME OVER and the save is erased.

I’ve only tested up to misty so far but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. If you do notice a bug please let me know though.

download it here

reblogging this again just to say this is 100% compatible with randomizers (like this one) if you’re into that.

though randomizing items defeats the purpose.

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